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Review: & Parts

From Kimberly Ann-Southwick at her blog:

& Parts by Amelia Bentley
I picked up this chapbook during a Damask Press reading at Penn Book Center when I myself read with Amelia and Jacob A. Bennett. Firstly, Damask puts out absolutely stunning chapbooks– the quality that goes into them makes them quite worth of their cover price. For the BoogFest this year, I’m curating the small press panel, and I am lucky to have Toby from Damask speaking on “The Book as an Object”. The talent that went into the poetry involved in this chap is no less than the quality of its appearance. Amelia’s writing is more conceptual at times than what I usually read, but always grounded in an approachable reality and most often doing interesting enough things with language, that I enjoy it and recommend it.

Publication: Apiary 6

Hey guys, there’s a poem of mine in Apiary 6 alongside the work of with such amazing folks as Emily Abendroth, Laura Spagnoli, Kevin Varone, you get the picture.

Articles: Publisher’s Weekly and The Stranger talk about E-books

I’m quoted here and there in a Publisher’s Weekly article called “Breaking Digital Ground: E-books and Small Press Literary Publishers,” which was based on the contents of a panel in which I was a participant at this year’s AWP. It was a real pleasure to speak alongside Dennis Johnson, publisher of Melville House books; Fiona McCrae, publisher of Graywolf Press; and John Oakes, publisher of OR books.

The Stranger also featured an article on some of Copper Canyon’s work in e-books back in February, “Elegant Solution to a Vexing E-Book Problem” which gives a great little snapshot of the Note to Reader that I collaborated in the creation of and helped design and impliment. They did use my old last name, but so it goes.

Books with “lines that are flush left will reflow with a soft indent.” But, Robertson continued, “the barrier we’re up against is that the lines that are already indented, when they reflow, the devices prevent us from creating an additional soft indent. That’s our hurdle right now.”

Here are some earlier brief articles about Copper Canyon’s E-book Program on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet the Blog:
Copper Canyon Making Strides Toward Poetry E-Books
Copper Canyon Launches First Round of eBooks

And an earlier article on Harriet that outlines some of the technical difficulties we faced:
Breaking the Poetry Code

Publication: Tinge

Hey, there’s a new poem up at Tinge Magazine called A Lily Alone!

Update: Kickstarter Campaign for “&parts”

Head on over to Kickstarter and help Damask Press fund the printing of my poems in the chapbook “&parts.” You’ll receive in return a beautiful and substantial piece of letterpress design and some words that I’ve spent a long time with.


New Soundcloud account with some readings:

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